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New Products: Temperature Instrumentation

Transmitters, controllers, indicators, and accessories make up a new line of temperature instrumentation that read, record, control, and transmit temperatures and relative humidity accurately.

Temptran temperature transmitters amplify low-level signals from RTD or thermocouples. The transmitters linearize temp signals and are immune to electrical resistance in extension wires.

Available models of temperature controllers include programmable, miniature, monitor/relay, or sensorless. Temperature indicators include digital, head-mounted, or current loop models. Instrumentation accessories include solid-state relays and heat sinks. Customized controllers include proportional, dual power, high current, and multichannel models. Relative-humidity and humidityplus- temperature transmitters feature advanced microprocessors and digital signal processing. For temperature compensation, the humidity sensor has a platinum RTD . It is resistant to airborne contaminants and chemicals, and has a sintered stainless-steel filter to resist condensation.

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Minneapolis MN 55432
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