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New Products: Timing Pulleys With Configurable Hub

A new line of timing pulleys feature a configurable hub that suits any shaft hole and flange requirement. Shaft-hole dimensions and overall hub diameter can be configured in increments 471of 1 mm and hub-shoulder height in 0.5-mm increments.

The pulleys come in several aluminum grades with clear-anodize, electroless-nickel plating or hard-anodized surface treatment. Also available are 1045 carbon steel and low-carbon steel versions with black oxide or electroless-nickel plating.

Shaft holes can be specified with round, round-with-tap or round-with-key-groove hole and tap design. When required, setscrews are supplied. The pulleys, designed with integral flanges, come in various shapes and tooth counts; compatible belts are also available.

The company also offers timing-pulley-belt calculation software on its Web site

Misumi USA Inc.
1105 Remington Rd., Suite B
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(800) 681-7475

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