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New Products: Toggle Press With Rectangular Ram

The Toggle Press Model 13V features a rectangular ram suitable for applications requiring torsionproof, 100% antirotational operation. The press has adjustable and replaceable two-sided Teflon-lined flat gibs for backlash-free ram operation.

A ram-return stroke lock is available that automatically releases and returns the handle to the home position, ensuring stroke completion and absolute repeatability of the operation. In the event of improperly loaded parts, defective assembly components, or missing parts, a spring-loaded quick release button releases the locking mechanism. For quick and exact adjustments of the fully extended ram-target position, a precision micrometer ram-stroke adjustment is available.

The press features a micrometer scale for graduation in the 0.0008-in. line-to-line range. The unit’s sidemounted, offset ergonomical handle has an extended horizontal surface with a soft nonslip grip that can be incrementally adjusted.

Schmidt Technology Corp.
Cranberry Corporate Center
280 Executive Dr.
Cranberry Twp., PA 16066
(800) 959-1218

TAGS: Hydraulics
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