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New Products: Variable-displacement Hydraulic Motor

MV-A variable-displacement hydraulic motors are adjustable displacement ball-piston motors designed for applications requiring durability, smooth low-running speed, and minimum leakage. The high-efficiency motors permit precision control of torque and speed

The motor’s 20 uniformly distributed and ported ball pistons react with precision antifriction bearing-displacement rings to provide a virtually pulseless, vibration-free output rotation at any speed. Output torque is constant throughout the entire speed range, with constant input pressure. Precisely identical flowpaths within the motor provide reversibility.

The motor can be operated continuously, reversed, or stalled while under full load conditions. Features of the MV-A motor include smooth performance at 5 to 3,000 rpm, 12 hp at rated pressure of 2,000 psi, and 14 lb-in. torque/100 psi.

Planet Products Corp.
4200 Malsbary Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(513) 984-5544

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