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New Small Heavy Duty Low Surge Suppressor for OEMs and End User Equipment Power and Instrumentation

A new small heavy duty PIPT-120P line of surge suppressor/EMI filters was introduced from Circuit Components Inc. (CCI).

This suppressor/filter is a 3.0" [76.20mm] x 1.8" [45.72mm] x 0.75" [19.05mm] shunt device offering space efficient mounting on any panel. It is designed to protect equipment operating at 120 VAC. DIN-Rail mount versions and 220 VAC Models are available as special order items.

"The PIPT-120P Series has 20 KAmps of surge capacity and can be used with unlimited load current, as it is a shunt device" said Antonio Valles, Director of Marketing for CCI. "It includes an LED to indicate suppression status", continued Antonio Valles. "Typical applications include protection from lightning induced transient voltages for Instrumentation, Control Circuits, Industrial Controllers such as PLCs, SCADA, DCS, and Motor Control. It is ideal for water and waste water applications".

The PIPT-120P Surge Suppressor uses UL 1449 Second Edition approved components and also exceeds severity Category C of ANSI/IEEE C62.41-1991 recommendations. The unit list price range is $39.00-$49.00 depending on volume.

More information:
Circuit Components Inc.

2400 South Roosevelt Street,
Tempe, AZ 85282
Telephone: (480) 731-6202
Fax: (480) 967-9385
Email: [email protected]

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