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Featuring high-speed operations, high payload capacities and compact bodies, Toshiba Machine's latest scara robots, the TH550 and the TH850, add more styles and sizes to choose from in the TH Series.

Low profile, heavy-duty housings provide the stability necessary for each model to achieve rapid performance. The TH550 reaches composite speeds of 6.21 m/s, while the TH850 accelerates to 8.03 m/s; three-axis speeds for both reach 2000 mm/s. With a 2 kg payload, standard cycle times for the TH550 are 0.33s; and 0.49s for the TH850. Maximum payload mass is 5 kg and 20 kg for the TH550 and the TH850, respectively. The total arm length of the TH550 is 550 mm, while the TH850's total arm length is 850 mm. Positioning repeatability is +/- 0.015 mm for the X-Y (plane) of the TH550 and +/- 0.03 mm for the TH850. Z-axis (vertical) positioning repeatability for the TH550 is +/-0.01 mm and for the TH850 it is +/-0.02 mm. Toshiba Machine's seven TH Series models feature larger payload masses and high rigidity, as well as varying arm lengths and performance benefits to meet specific requirements. The incorporation of an absolute system as standard eliminates the difficulties associated with home return. All TH Series products include a full-function TS Controller. This highly advanced controller can control a maximum of five axes simultaneously. It includes a built-in PLC, an operation panel, a multitask function and many more features.For more information, contact Toshiba Machine Co., America, 755 Greenleaf Avenue, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, Phone: (847) 709-7308, Fax: (847) 709-7358, , E-mail: [email protected]

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