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Machine Design

New valves plug and play

Advances in controls and networks combined with components that pack more punch have opened the door to more-precise, durable, and economical pneumatic systems.

SV valves have a life expectancy of 50 million cycles and are offered in four sizes with flow capacity ranging from 0.23 to 1.6 Cv.

The SV Series has a modular design that makes modifying manifold valve stations quick and simple. Eliminating traditional lead-wire internal wiring in favor of pin-type connectors makes installation and upgrading literally a snap, explains Balaji Rao, senior product manager for SMC Corp. of America, Tustin, Calif. "By connecting each manifold block with a pin connector, valve stations can be reconfigured simply by plugging and unplugging them," he says. For stackability, the units are available in two mounting options: a tie-rod or cassette configuration for use with DIN rails. Up to 20 stations can stack together in a block. "The whole process of installing and modifying these valves is so easy it can be done by someone with little or no technical background," says Rao.

Rated IP65 and CE compliant, the SV valves are offered in serial-interface and parallel-wiring configurations. According to the company, fieldbus technology is quickly becoming the norm in automated plants. The SV manifolds come with both centralized and decentralized-type serial units. For example, the EX500 decentralized Gateway/SI unit comes in DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, and Remote I/O protocols. A unit controls up to four branches with 32 I/O per branch. The EX250 centralized SI unit comes in DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CC-Link, and As-I protocols with 64 I/O.

The units are particularly suited for applications in semiconductor, food-processing, automotive, and metalworking industries.

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