Machine Design

Nickel Plating

ENfinity 12, is a long-life, high-phosphorus, electroless nickel-plating technology.


Maintaining internal compressive stress through 20 metal turnovers (MTO), the process provides consistent deposit properties over an extended operating life without the use of expensive electrodialysis equipment, costly steady-state operation (bleed and feed), or expensive chemical alternatives (e.g., nickel hypophosphite). The process yields constant plating speeds versus conventional EN processes and is claimed to have the lowest cost of ownership versus all other high-phosphorus EN processes on the market. ENfinity 12 offers exceptional operating flexibility. Sulfatefree, ENfinity 12 is pH selfregulating and is available as a three-component process for either ammonia or ammonia-free operation. It may be used with steel, aluminum, copper, brass, or any other substrate plated by traditional EN processes. Applications include automotive and other functional end-use products used in plumbing and hardware.

Enthone Inc.,
350 Frontage Rd., West Haven, CT 06516,
(203) 934-8611,

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