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Motion System Design

No false veneer

Incorporating several CD couplings from Zero-Max Inc., Plymouth, Minn. into its high-speed veneer slicers, Merritt Plywood Machinery Inc., Lockport, N.Y. successfully developed a machine that produces up to 90 sheets of high quality wood veneer per minute. Sheets can be produced as large as 4 m × 900 mm × 0.5 mm.

Offering faster flitch loading and thinner backing boards, the MS-40 slicer provides higher veneer yield. To achieve its optimum output, the servo drive turns at 2,400 rpm with intermittent clockwise and counter-clockwise cycles of 0.6 sec/5 min. This precise positioning and slicing for high reverse loads and continuous operation is achieved via CD couplings that absorb high-torque loads, backlash, and reciprocating motion.

Three CD couplings in the power train connect the input shaft of a right-angle cone drive gearbox which forms the top of the “T” shaped system. Two additional CD couplings, which connect to the output shafts from the gearbox, join two lead screws and drive the reciprocating knife carriage, slicing the veneer.

The coupling's open-arm disc pack — made of rugged composite material — reacts to coupling forces with high-torsional stiffness. In addition, its ply or fiber orientation provides rigidity and dampens shock and noise.

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