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Non-industrial market consumes billions of motors

Non-industrial market consumes billions of motors

In the first study of its kind, IMS Research, Austin, Tex., says global motor demand in the non-industrial market comprised more than 8.7 billion units in 2009 and will grow to nearly 11.5 billion units by 2013. The non-industrial market is dominated by dc brush, dc brushless, and dc stepper motor types, which together account for over 85% of the market. This segment represents demand for goods linked to direct consumer consumption, such as automotive, computer and peripherals, and consumer electronics.

The report quantifies demand for seven motor types, segmented by six different power categories and measured across 13 different market sectors. Highest growth is predicted for dc brushless motors. The new study also estimates the market for power and processor-based semiconductors used in non-industrial motor control was worth $17.5 billion in 2009. For more information, visit IMS Research.

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