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Non-sagging light-cure adhesive - Henkel Corp.

Non-sagging light-cure adhesive - Henkel Corp.

Loctite 3979 single-component, light-cure adhesive is a translucent, non-sagging gel that fills moderate gaps without migration, cures tack-free in seconds in UV/visible light, and fluoresces red for inspection. It adheres up to 3,500 psi on plastic, metal, and glass substrates and cures to depths greater than 0.25 in.
It is biocompatible to ISO-10993 and withstands temperatures from -65 to 300°F. It comes in 25-mL syringes and 300-mL cartridges for automatic or manual dispensing.

Henkel Corp., 1 Henkel Way, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, (860) 571-5100,

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