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Nonhalogen Flame Retardant

CESA-flam masterbatches are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional halogenated flame retardants.

They can be added to engineering polymers including polyamides, polyesters, and thermoplastic urethanes. The masterbatches are based on proprietary phosphorous compounds instead of halogens and achieve flame-retardant properties through intumescence. When exposed to fire, the material foams and cross-links, forming a stable char at the surface. This protective layer provides thermal insulation, reduces oxygen access, prevents dripping of molten polymer, and cuts smoke density and toxic emissions. CESA-flam XP 8451/XP 8454 has a limited oxygen index in the 28 to 30 range, while XP 8429 and XP 8486 flame ratings meet UL94V-0 standards.

Clariant Masterbatches Div., 382 Arbor Court, Winchester, VA 22602, (540) 665-1865,

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