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Machine Design

Nonmetallic cylinders -- Polygon Co.

Nonmetallic cylinder assemblies for pneumatic actuators are made with high-strength composites and plastics such as Delrin, ABS, or UHMWPE. The assemblies resist corrosion and outlast metal counterparts. The lightweight tube has a smooth-bore finish for good seal life and lubrication retention. The impact-resistant tube can withstand a 1-kg shock unlike a metal cylinder.

A glass-filled composite guide rod supports load carrying and works well when coupled with a Polylube Guide Rod bearing. Rod ends can be attached with composite dowel pins to complete the assembly without metals. The cylinders withstand 100 to 125-psi working pressures.

Polygon Co., 103 Industrial Park Dr., Box 176, Walkerton, IN 46574, (800) 918-9261, http://www.

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