Motion System Design

ODVA expands network technologies for CIPs

ODVA, Tokyo, developed Project CipNet SA, a network for simple sensors and actuators, which uses the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). This single, media-independent protocol complements and expands the CIP family of networks for automation, including DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP. The project is targeted at applications requiring large numbers of distributed sensors and actuators, such as electrical assembly machines and conveyor systems.

The CIP Network allows manufacturers to transmit small packets of data quickly between controllers and sensors and actuators, and to connect these devices using cost-effective and easy-to-install physical media.

OMRON Corp., Schaumburg, Ill., one of the founding members of ODVA, developed the technology, and has granted ODVA the right to this technology to develop a new CIP Network standard.

CIP Networks allow manufacturers to integrate their automation applications, such as control, safety, configuration and diagnostics, information, synchronization, and motion, with enterprise-level Ethernet networks and the Internet.

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