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ODVA forms rail transport group

ODVA forms rail transport group

ODVA announces that it will form a new special-interest group to evolve its technologies for rail transport. Aimed at enhancing ODVA's specifications with services and device profiles to meet the needs of rail transport, the resulting standards are expected to provide a comprehensive solution for rail transport, encompassing on-board train controls, monitoring, signaling, and demand-response. The formation of this special-interest group reflects increased interest in ODVA technologies by OEMs in the rail transport industry.

The strong business outlook for rail transport is driving increased investment by OEMs in information and communication technologies (ICT) such as the ODVA technology portfolio. ICT will be critical to making improvements in safety and service in combination with market demands for increased rail capacity and higher performance equipment. Participation in the SIG is expected to include ODVA members from multiple regions in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Initial implementations of specification enhancements are expected to be in EtherNet/IP-compliant products.

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