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Machine Design

Office-Friendly 3D Printer for Prototypes

The Alaris30 3D printer is officefriendly and small enough to fit on a desk. The machine prints accurate parts with smooth surfaces, moving parts, and text that stands out clearly. The printer uses the developer’s PolyJet technology that jets proprietary materials in 28-μm thick layers. Similar to a text printer, the jetting head slides back and forth along the X axis, depositing a single layer of photopolymer onto the build tray. Each layer is immediately cured and hardened by UV light, producing fully cured models that can be handled immediately. A support structure jetted along with the build material allows complicated geometries such as cavities, overhangs, undercuts, delicate features, and walls as thin as 0.6 mm. When the build finishes, the support material is easily removed by hand or water jetting. The model is then ready for form, fit, and function testing, or secondary operations such as painting, drilling, and chrome-plating. Parts can also be used as molds for tooling.

Objet Geometries Inc.
5 Fortune Dr.
Billerica, MA 01821
(877) 489-9449

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