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One-component adhesive/sealant -- Master Bond Inc.

A tough, one-component heat-curing epoxy adhesive/sealant bonds to a variety of substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, vulcanized rubbers, and many plastics. EP17 has a service operating range of –300 to 600°F and is formulated to cure at temperatures from 300 to 350°F for 60 to 90 min. It resists a wide range of chemicals including fuels, acids, bases, oils, and many solvents.
The adhesive/sealant has high physical-strength properties and low shrinkage upon cure. Its tensile strength is 8,700 psi, tensile modulus is 387,000 psi, Shore D hardness of >90, and a compressive strength of >13,000 psi. It is also readily machinable.
EP17 requires no mixing and has an “unlimited” working life at room temperature. It is 100% reactive and contains no solvents or diluents. EP17 comes in pint, quart, gallon, and 5-gallon containers.
Master Bond Inc., 154 Hobart St., Hackensack, NJ 07601, (201) 343-8983,

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