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Machine Design

One-Piece Flexible Couplings

Heli-Cal Flexure power-transmission components are constructed from a single homogeneous high-strength material, which eliminates the need for rubber bushings, spiders, rubber discs, pads, bolts, and nuts.

Features include an ability to handle greater misalignment; higher speed; transmitting high-torque constant velocity; no wear and tear; and zero backlash. The couplings need no lubrication and give vibration-free smooth-bearing loads even at the misaligned position. The couplings operate from a fractional to 950 hp at 3,600 rpm, and available shaft sizes are 2 to 40 mm and higher.

Helical Products Co. Inc.,
Box 1069, Santa Monica, CA 93456,
(877) 353-9873,

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