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Online course troubleshoots packaging equipment

A new online course is now available from PMMI, the packaging supply chain association. “Troubleshooting Packaging Machinery” is offered through PMMI U, the association's training and education effort. Developed in cooperation with the University of Florida, the course presents entry-level theory, process, and logic of troubleshooting — and applies them to packaging operations. It is designed to help technicians improve observation, thinking, and communication skills and become more effective in finding solutions to machinery problems.

Course materials are based on PMMI's popular technical training manual of the same name, published from 1975 to 1994. The digital version brings principles of troubleshooting to life with animation, video, and interactive exercises. It teaches a logical approach to troubleshooting, so a technician understands what questions to ask — and why — to locate the most likely cause of a problem before making adjustments or repairs. Short quizzes following each unit ensure that students understand the material before moving to the next topic, and a mastery test at the end assesses each participant's understanding of the subject as a whole. PMMI U can be accessed at

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