Motion System Design

Online tool configures cable

A new online tool from W.L. Gore & Associates serves as an interactive design guide that provides step-by-step instructions for configuring Gore high flex flat cable or trackless cable from standard components, with five-day lead times.

The website, located at, users can generate a 3D downloadable CAD model and submit an RFQ with easy step-by-step procedures. Gore's standard cable offering includes shielded/unshielded power and signal, video, Ethernet, IEEE 1394, fiber optic, and pneumatic lines. Bundling electrical and pneumatic lines makes managing a cable system easier.

Gore high flex flat cable can be used in an energy chain or cable track for smaller packages and is available as spooled cable for higher volumes and discrete-length cable built to required lengths with ends prepped for termination. Trackless cable eliminates problems such as particulation, vibration, weight, and size. Both cable types achieve 10 million cycles on a 2 in. (50mm) bend radius.

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