Motion System Design
Online tools for examining total drive efficiency

Online tools for examining total drive efficiency

Premium-efficiency motors are only one part of the drivetrain — and SEW Eurodrive's shows how. This site features a variety of tools, downloads, and links to help engineers see the effects that changing various parts of the drivetrain have on energy savings.

The resources on this page, including a motor efficiency ROI calculator and free white paper, are available without registration.

Newly updated Sites

Recently launched offers technical expertise and videos of actuators and belts from SERAPID Inc. — including high-speed trap lifts, telescopic masts, electric spindle actuators, motorized bolster extensions, and nonmagnetic actuators.

We recommend this site's “literature” section.

For new information on standard and custom transformers, EMI filters, inductors, and assemblies, visit Applications such as hospital beds, industrial controls and automation, vending machine power supplies, induction sealing, and battery charging are also detailed.

There's also an online store for direct purchasing from Foster Transformer.

A fresh site now details PLC and motion control for manufacturing from Bosch Rexroth's Electric Drives and Controls group. Included are technology updates, applications support, and downloads. The site also showcases Rexroth's Control City initiative.

The Drives and Controls site is accessed by clicking its link at the top of

Visit for fresh information on the power transmission, motion control, and automation industries.

Short technical articles in digital library

The TechTalk Design Advice Series at is a regularly updated library of information on several power-transmission issues and components. The latest entry details slewing-ring bearings.

Here's an excerpt:

Sliding slewing ring bearings are … lubrication-free … they won't contaminate environments or seize in applications with dirt or dust, unlike roller bearings. The plastic sliding elements and hard anodized-aluminum finish possess low moisture absorption and corrosion-resistance, and so require no cover or seal. Sliding slewing ring bearings can also be used in medical and lab equipment, solar panels, food processing …

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