Machine Design

Opaque Bar-Code Film

Ultem WH217, a highly opaque polyetherimide (PEI) film, gives bar-code labels a print contrast ratio of 98% for easy reading.

The film is pigmented white with no need for a secondary topcoat. It reportedly has better dimensional stability and resists higher temperatures than polyvinyl fluoride films. The PEI films meet UL-94 VTMO flame requirements without halogenated additives, letting them comply with European RoHS standards for electronics. The film's high tear strength prevents label damage during processing and its smooth surface reportedly improves label print quality. It also has consistent ±10% gauge control at 50 m to ensure even adhesive and clear-coat applications for printing with certain inks.

GE Plastics, One Plastics Ave., Pittsfield, MA 01201, (800) 752-7842,

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