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Machine Design

Optical Encoding in a Small Package

The Mercury 1800 (M1800) digital encoder is the smallest optical encoder that provides 50-nm resolution from the sensor.


It is available with resolutions of 50 or 100 nm, linear, or up to 6.5 million CPR, rotary. It measures 8.9-mm tall and all electronics are in the sensor, making it well suited for high-noise, industrial applications. High resolution minimizes cogging for smooth motion control, and a 1-LSB optical index, which is integrated into the scale, makes for easy setup and good repeatability, according to the manufacturer. Two connector options are available: a standard, completely EMIshielded, high-density D-sub connector and a high-density micro connector for tight spaces. Digital A-quad-B output is standard and RS-422 compatible. Optional SmartSignal software provides digital readouts in engineering units and Lissajous data plots. A wide variety of glass linear and rotary scales are available.

MicroE Systems,
8 Erie Dr., Natick, MA 01760,
(800) 355-4047,

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