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Optical fork and angle sensors - ifm efector inc.

 A new line of optical fork and angle sensors feature a transmitter and receiver in one housing, which eliminates time-consuming alignment of separate devices. Fork housings are available with slot widths ranging from 10 to 120 mm and angle widths in 60 and 100 mm.
The sensor’s metal housing resists distortion common with conventional plastic fork sensors. A visible red light beam across the slot width assists in setup. Sensitivity is adjusted using a potentiometer. Light-on/dark-on mode is selected with a rotary switch. Thru-holes allow for quick mounting without the need for brackets.
Typical applications include part detection on conveyors, rails, and belts; detection of object edges and protruding features; gear-teeth detection and counting; component-position verification, orientation; and dimensions; monitoring container fill levels; label detection and hole detection; and tool-break monitoring.
ifm efector inc., 782 Springdale Dr., Exton, PA 19341, (800) 441-8246,

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