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Oscillating valve, reciprocating motio

Electric oscillating valves from Hoerbiger-Origa offer a low-cost way to control reciprocating pneumatic cylinders.

Hoerbiger-Origa, Glendale Hts., Ill., has recently expanded its oscillating-valve product line to include an electrically actuated version. The new design combines advantages of standard solenoid valves with the features and benefits of oscillating valves. Oscillating valves offer a low-cost solution for cylinders that must continuously reciprocate. They are used in a wide variety of applications, including shaking, wiping, feeding, and spraying.

The new valve controls a reciprocating cylinder with a simple electrical signal. Outlet ports are alternately supplied with air as long as the solenoid coil is energized. Interrupting the electrical signal returns the cylinder to its home position. Since the cylinder always starts from a defined position, the oscillating valve can now be used for applications that require greater control over reciprocating motion.

The 14-in. power valve has a Cv of 1.3. Features include built-in flow-control valves to adjust the cylinder's stroke frequency. Oscillating movements can be actuated by a permanent electrical signal, and standard voltages include 12 and 24 Vdc and 110 and 220 Vac. Built-in manual override lets the valve operate without electricity.

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