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Packaging industry spurs sales of integrated motors

Packaging industry spurs sales of integrated motors

After 48.8% growth in 2010, sales of integrated motors for use in packaging machinery are forecast to continue gains, according to a new study, The World Market for Integrated Motors, from IMS Research of Austin. Much of the growth during 2010 was due to the economic recovery following the global recession.

IMS Research estimates that the integrated motors market in the packaging industry was valued at $46 million in 2010. The majority of these integrated motors are now being incorporated into new machine designs and, as global packaging machinery production grew 14.6% in 2010, the integrated motors market significantly benefitted.

A growing population and increased demand for consumer products and processed foods and beverages is driving proliferation of packaging machines. Increasing personal income and recent gains in consumer spending are also helping drive demand for products that need to be packaged. In addition, despite a push for healthy and low-calorie food options in the U.S., the study suggests that people will not consume less food, but rather the same amount in smaller packages.

The ac servo integrated motors market grew most significantly in the packaging sector, with a 79.1% increase in revenues for 2010 due to increased flexibility, such as alternate mounting locations on the motor to accommodate the drive. However, less expensive dc brushless products are replacing ac servomotors in certain cases, due to greater flexibility that allows these motors to become viable alternatives in less demanding applications. Additionally, ac induction motors are benefiting from modular machine designs with a forecasted 7.9% average annual growth rate through 2015. For more information, visit

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