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Pallet-molding machines - Wilmington Machinery

Pallet-molding machines - Wilmington Machinery

Pallateer plastic-pallet-molding systems use stacked molds for higher throughput in a smaller footprint. The PM-2 produces up to 450,000 single deck nestable pallets per year or 225,000 double deck two-piece pallets using a single-stack injection mold. The PM-4 produces up to 900,000 single deck nestable or up to 450,000 double deck pallets using two-stack molds.
Both systems, and three other Pallateer models, use a structural-foam-injection method for high specific strength and can work with 100% recycled material including granulated flake. The systems come with full automation, molds, pallet-transport systems, nitrogen generation, material blending and loading equipment, mold chillers, and other options.

Wilmington Machinery, 4628 Northchase Pkwy. NE, Wilmington, NC 28405, (910) 452-5090,

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