Machine Design

Palm-Sized Data Loggers

Self-contained data loggers from Vespo Marketing Associates Inc., Thompson Ridge, N.Y., come in a 0.79-in.-diameter, 4.72-in-long, stainless-steel housing rated IP-68 for harsh environments. The data loggers can store up to 32,300 readings between downloads. When connected to a PC, users can set parameters for recording, sample rate, and start/stop time and date. Users can reconnect the palm-sized data loggers to a computer and download data in seconds. The data can then be transferred to a third-party program such as Excel. The devices are suitable for measuring temperature, external RTD probe or type K thermocouples, current, voltage, humidity, pH, light intensity, rainfall, and water level. Temperature range is 30 to 70°C. Remote-sensor models are available for higher temperatures.

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