Machine Design

Panel-Mountable Pressure Transducer

The AST4200 panel-mount pressure transducer is designed to provide data for safety, control, and alarm functions as found on test stands or fire-suppression gear.

The unit's one-piece 17-4PH or 316L high-strength stainless-steel bulkhead design is free of welds, internal O-rings, and fluid-filled cavities for high-proof and burst-pressure uses. It mounts through the panel to keep hazardous media out. A locknut, used to hold the sensor in place, leaves room for a gasket. Sensor output is 10 mV/V, 4 to 20 mA, or 1 to 5 V. The AST4200 provides gage, sealed gage, and compound-gage pressure measurement ranges up to 10,000 psi. Accuracy of the sensor is <±0.5% BFSL at 25°C and longterm stability of ±0.25% full-scale output/annum.

American Sensor Technologies, 12 Orben Dr., Unit #1, Landing, NJ 07850, (973) 398-9900,

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