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Machine Design

Paperless Graphic Recorder

The 6000 Series consists of two paperless graphical recorders supported by a wide range of hardware and software options.

It replaces the 5000V Series with full software compatibility and interchangeability. An adaptable touchscreen provides an intuitive operator interface without complex button-pressing sequences. The touchscreen may be replaced by a USB keyboard for use in particularly dirty environments. Removable media storage choices for data include compact flash, secure digital, and USB memory stick.

Bridge software provides a simple connection from any local or remote-network access. The remote connection can carry out any operation that can be performed on the instrument itself, but is totally independent from the main screen. Remote activities do not affect operator views on the plant floor.

Security measures include signed operator comments, integrated audit trail, and password-element controls. The audit trail provides complete traceability of configuration and operator actions. Both units have an optional electronic media lock flap only opened by user password entry with audit trail tracking if enabled.

Eurotherm Inc., 741-F Miller Dr., Leesburg, VA 20175, (703) 443-0000,

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