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PC-To-Serial I/O Adapter Card

The PCI-AC48 is a new PCI-based adapter card for RS-485 communication


with Opto 22 serial-based I/O, including remote bricks for the mistic I/O product family, and the Snap-B3000 serial brain. The adapter works with both industrial and personal computers-that use a standard 33-MHz PCI bus. It is billed as an alternative to the widely used AC37 adapter card that communicates via an ISA bus and is also increasingly difficult to source. Two RS-485 serial ports provide communication in either two-wire or four-wire mode. The PCI-AC48 also includes software drivers for Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP that let users access the adapter card ports as standard COM ports.

Opto 22,
43044 Business Park Dr., Temecula, CA 92590,
(800) 321-OPTO,

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