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PCI digital I/O board

The Model KPCI-3160 parallel digital I/O board features a 32-bit PCI bus architecture, 96 channels of fully programmable TTL-level digital I/O, and a range of free drivers and utilities. The KPCI-3160 from Keithley Instruments Inc., Cleveland, is suitable for lab and factory automation, process monitoring and control, and interfacing to electronic and electromechanical devices. The PCI bus offers jumperless installation and plug-and-play compatibility with Windows 9x, 2000, and NT. The 96 channels are said to be conveniently organized: four 24-bit banks are subdivided into three 8-bit ports, with one port further subdivided into two 4-bit half-ports. Users can program each port independently for input or output, as well as access any port without affecting external signal levels. The 15-mA source and 64-mA sink current can operate devices such as LEDs and solid-state relays.

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