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PEEK Stock Shapes

Ketron PEEK stock shapes come in rod diameters up to 200 mm, tubular bar to 140 mm, and plate in widths up to 615 mm. The shapes, from DSM Engineering Plastic Products Inc., Reading, Pa., feature high fatigue, chemical, and steam resistance, low-moisture absorption, and high-heat resistance. They come in unfilled, 30% carbon fiber-reinforced, 30% glass fiber-reinforced, and bearing grades.

Natural Ketron 1000 PEEK rod, tubular rod, and plate are electrically and thermally insulative and have the highest elongation and impact strength. Ketron 1000 has a continuous-use temperature of 480°F, and a heat-deflection temperature of 320°F. It is suitable for replacing PTFE in parts requiring high strength and stiffness at high temperatures, as well as chemical resistance. Applications include HPLC, seals, seats, and analytical equipment.

Glass-fiber-reinforced Ketron GF30 PEEK has enhanced strength and dimensional stability. Applications include electrical/electronic components and antiextrusion rings for backup elastomer seals. Carbon fiber-reinforced Ketron CA30 is electrically conductive and has the highest compressive strength, flexural modulus, wear resistance, and highest thermal conductivity. Applications include pump and wear components, high-load bearings, and thrust washers and bushings. Bearing grade Ketron HPV PEEK has good wear resistance, the lowest coefficient of friction, and best machining characteristics of the filled stock shapes. Applications include bearings, rollers, bushings, and wear guides.

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