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Pent-up equipment demand spurs motion control market

Pent-up equipment demand spurs motion control market

The worldwide market for general motion control systems — motion controller, drive, and motor — is on the rise. According to a new study from ARC Advisory Group, Dedham, Mass., the market has increased by a double-digit percentage since ARC's last analysis in 2009. What's more, suppliers who experienced as much as 50% declines in business during the global recession now report a significant rebound. This renewed growth, first evident in Asia, has since expanded to Europe and North America as well.

Several dominant industries drove the market in 2010, according to analysts. In particular, the automotive and semiconductor markets played a large role in the recovery with the retooling of the automotive industry enabling many suppliers in the general machinery market to increase output due to strong demand for capital equipment.

The semiconductor industry experienced a surge in capital spending in both front-end and back-end operations. Motion control companies specializing in this industry experienced nearly triple-digit growth. While this industry is often characterized by volatility, steadily increasing demand for portable smart devices and flat panel displays may add some stability to the market and the Asian region in the long run, say analysts.

Also among the chief developments in the motion control market outlook is the increased use of general motion control for robotics applications. Many suppliers are adding robotic arm systems to their product offerings, such that manufacturers are reportedly seeking single-supplier control products throughout the manufacturing environment, according to the new report.

For more information on the study, General Motion Control Worldwide Outlook, visit

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