Machine Design

Pentium-based computer ready for 64-bit work

Dell Precision 370 is based on core architecture to deliver optimal single-or dual performance.


Dell Precision 370 comes with scalable, devicededicated bandwidth (up to 8 Gbytes/sec) to streamline data transfers within the system.

The 370 combines new Intel Pentium 4 processors (up to 3.6 GHz) with support for Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology with next-generation technologies such as DDR2 memory, PCI Express, high-performance graphics, integrated SATA RAID, and it supports Intel's expanded 64-bit memory architecture. Pentium 4 processors support 64-bit memory to break the 4-Gbyte limitation of 32-bit systems. This lets users work with large datasets in analysis, design, and financial modeling while retaining full compatibility and performance for their 32-bit applications. The 370 supports DDR2 533-MHz Error Correction Code (ECC) memory as well as standard DDR2 400-MHz DIMMs. ECC memory corrects single bit memory errors. Prices start at $979.

Dell Computer Corp.,

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