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Pick-and-place, lab-handling system -- Schunk Inc.

The Uniplace 2300/2400 handling system is a cartesian-arm system with a 1,000 × 400 × 240-mm working area. Its precise integrated distance-measurement system, with a resolution of 8 µm, allows a repeat accuracy of ±0.05 mm.

The Uniplace 2300 is a backlash-free system with three linear axes. The unit can be fitted with an additional rotary axis, which makes it a Uniplace 2400. In addition to the drive and control unit, the Uniplace also has a media feed-through, which can be used to feed air, or for forwarding electrical signals.

The linear axes have effective dust-protection covers and a sealed cover for the rotation axis and the control unit, making it suitable for use in applications with stricter requirements, such as in laboratory automation, laser processing, medical technology, or for pick-and-place tasks.

The Uniplace 2300 can move weights up to 5 kg and the Uniplace 2400, which is equipped with a rotary axis, can handle maximum loads of 3.5 kg, with the maximum angle of rotation of the rotary axis is ±270°. The maximum speed in both versions is 1 m/sec, and the maximum acceleration is 3 m/sec².

Schunk Inc., 211 Kitty Hawk Dr., Morrisville, NC 27560, (919) 572-2705,

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