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Machine Design

Piezomotor rotary stage-Physik Instrumente LP

The M-660 is a new 0.6-in. profile, direct-driven, high-speed rotary stage based on the company’s PILine piezomotor drive technology. The stage reaches speeds of 720°/sec and resolution to 40 µrad (8 arcsec). The unit’s self-locking ceramic drive holds the position steady at rest, with no energy consumption and heat generation. A directly coupled precision optical encoder provides phase-lag-free, backlash-free feedback to the servo controller.

The stage’s compact design minimizes mass and inertia for precise bidirectional speed and position control, as well as high-speed motion contouring.

Physik Instrumente LP, 16 Albert St., Auburn, MA 01501, (508) 832-3456,

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