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Plastic bearings offer advantages

Plastic bearings offer advantages

Have you been wondering about how plastic bearings stand up to other bearing types such as metallic versions? If so, a new brochure from igus Inc., East Providence, R.I., shows how plastic plain bearings, spherical bearings, and linear bearings and slides are used in real-world applications. The literature highlights application examples from a wide range of industries to inform design engineers about the advantages of using plastic bearings.

Included are more than 20 application examples from industries such as medical, agricultural, food, and entertainment. The stories show how plastic bearings can save money, reduce downtime, and replace other bearing types such as metal and bronze. The brochure also talks about the company’s value-added services, such as free onsite value-analysis visits and the Expert System, which predicts service life of various bearings and slides in a given application. igus Bearing Applications is available for download at the company’s web site.

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