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Plastic Carrier Cradles Delicate Electronics

While designing a new portable tester, Harris Corp., Camarillo, Calif., looked for ways to meet the current market needs as well as prepare for future requirements. In order to do this, engineers opted to revamp their latest product, a handheld tester that verifies high-speed ISDN lines, so it could easily incorporate future modifications without completely redesigning the handset.

The TS250 tester is comprised of fragile electronics that must fit in a tight space. Engineers at Harris estimated it would take two or three separate plastic components to protect the electronics. With help from Phillips Plastics Corp., Hudson, Wis., Harris Corp. was able to cut the carrier down to one molded piece that integrates 13 components without using any fasteners.

By redesigning the top case of the carrier, all of the components fit into one subassembly that resists impact during use as well as prior to assembly when electronics are susceptible to damage. In addition, a gasket helps seal all components in the top case from being exposed to water and other liquids. The seal also protects the electronics, such as the LCD, from shocks.

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