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Machine Design

Plastic Recycler

The Erema Model 906T recycling system features an ergonomically friendly cabinet for improved safety and easier access to key components.

The system reclaims low-density, linear-low-density, and high-density polyethylenes, as well as polypropylene rolls and loose materials. The system features roll feeds and conveyor belts with metal detectors, automatic back-flushing screen changers, and hot die-face water-ring pelletizers. Scrap materials feed into a large vertical cutter/compactor that uses friction to compress and prewarm the plastic. The preheated material then goes directly to the extruder screw. The system gradually compresses and melts the polymers at precisely controlled temperatures to minimize thermal cycling. Erema systems come in a wide range of sizes and throughput capabilities (200 to over 2 tons/hr). Production rates for the 906T are approximately 450 lb/hr, depending on material.

Erema N. American, 23 Old Right Rd., Unit 2, Ipswich, MA 01938, (978) 356-3771,

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