Machine Design

PLM Ready for Inventor

Search Powered PLM is certified for Autodesk Inventor 10.

The FindView search engine locates Autodesk Inventor files that may be anywhere on the network. It also allows sharing designs with others.

The software can search on any text, notes, attributes, or properties without relying on predefined meta-data to obtain meaningful search results. FindView Search Engine makes it easy to find related information across multiple formats regardless of where it's located on the network. The software lets engineering and manufacturing companies discover related information across the entire history of their Autodesk digital design data. A search-powered approach is the fastest and most cost-effective way to unify multiple sources of product data. Because the search engine works with existing data and information systems and automatically scans the corporate network inside the firewall, companies can deploy rapidly and see business results right away.

Product Sight Corp.
2800 156th Average SE
Belleview, WA, 98007
(425) 467-7117

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