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PMMI offers mechatronics certificate

PMMI offers mechatronics certificate

Packaging industry association PMMI announces the Introduction to Industrial Electricity mechatronics certificate test, the first in a series. The program was developed by PMMI in cooperation with the Mid-Atlantic Mechatronics Advisory Council, partner schools, and industry professionals. Mechatronics is a synergistic approach to mechanical, electrical, and control engineering, plus computer science, as these disciplines apply to the manufacturing environment.

In partnership with educators and the industry, PMMI identified 24 skill areas required for mechatronics professionals working in the packaging industry. For each of these areas, PMMI and its partners are in the process of outlining the competencies required. To earn the certificate, candidates must achieve a passing score on the online assessment test.

As part of a related initiative, PMMI worked with its partners and The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to develop a packaging-oriented mechatronics competency model, which can be found at For more information on the mechatronics certificate, visit

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