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Machine Design

Pneumatic Band Cylinders

The BC Series of pneumatic rodless band cylinders, designed for long life, come in four lines: BC4, BC2, BC3, and BC3D.

The cylinders feature a stainless-steel band, rigid extruded aluminum tube, and internal air cushioning. To keep seal wear to a minimum, loads are supported throughout the entire stroke.

The BC4 version features a patented floating bearing system that is self-lubricating and runs the entire carrier length for maximum bearing surface, as well as a durable engineered resin piston for 50% greater bearing area. The BC2's independent piston and engineered-resin load bearings offer consistently low friction for longer wear and seal life. Features of the BC3 include longer seal life, less friction, and a recirculating ball-bearing system that consistently supports loads — even with changing load orientation. The BC3D has a heavy-duty 180° carrier that wraps around the housing for higher moment load capacity and larger load-mounting surface.

Tol-O-Matic Inc., 3800 County Rd. 116, Hamel, MN 55340, (800) 328-2174,

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