Motion System Design

Pneumatic solutions

Modular air preparation system

Easy-to-assemble FRLs come with mounting brackets and embedded square outlet pressure gauges.

Features & benefits

  • Port sizes from ⅛ to 1 NPT; four sizes have die-cast aluminum and black anodized bodies for corrosion resistance

  • Polycarbonate bowls with guards attach with quick-mount bayonet system

  • Push-to-lock adjustment knobs on regulators maintain precise pressure settings under extreme vibration

  • Low pressure drop across lubricators assures lubrication rate proportional to air flow

Fabco-Air Inc.
Gainesville, Fla.
(352) 373-3578
Circle 243

Air cylinders

Family of air cylinders comes in compact, ISO, pen-size, and stainless-steel miniature designs.

Features & benefits

  • Compact models have bores from 12 to 100 mm; strokes from 50 to 130 mm

  • ISO 6431 models have bores from 32 to 200 mm; strokes from 25 to 100 mm

  • Pen-size models have bores from 4 to 16 mm; strokes from 5to 300 mm

  • Stainless-steel models have bores from 16 to 63 mm; strokes from 25 to 500 mm

MFD Pneumatics
Chicago, Ill.
(866) 264-9560
Circle 244

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