Motion System Design

Pneumatic solutions

Rodless band cylinder

Ultran Band rodless cylinder seals mechanical piston/yoke connections.

Features & benefits

  • 18 to 63 mm bore sizes (inch available)

  • Stroke length to 3 m

  • Sealing efficiency rating of 100 sccm leakage

  • Cushioning and position-sensing capabilities; optional side-guiding attachment increases load capacity

Bimba Manufacturing
Monee, Ill.
(708) 534-8544
Circle 134

Air cylinders

Pancake II interchangeable pneumatic cylinders offer high load bearing capacity, reduced friction, and zero slip stick.

Features & benefits

  • Four styles and eight bore sizes from ½ to 4 in.

  • High strength, self-lubricating composite cylinder barrels and oversized, non-metallic piston rod bearings

  • Standard, non-rotating, force-multiplying, and 3-position models

Fabco-Air Inc.
Gainesville, Fla.
(352) 373-3578
Circle 135

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