Motion System Design

Pneumatic solutions

Pneumatic valves, FRLs

Maximatic valves, FRLs, and components can be used in packaging, assembly, and manufacturing.

Features & benefits

  • Available as 3-way, 4-way, single and double solenoid, and 3 and 4-way air piloted valves

  • Valves available from 10/32 to ½ in. sizes and pressures of 0 to 150 psig

  • FRLs rated to 150 psig maximum input pressure in port sizes from 10/32 to 1 in. in standard or high flow rates

  • FRLs offered include stacking filter/ regulators, plus bowl, and drain option

Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc.
Cincinnati, Ohio
(513) 521-4261
Circle 151

Pneumatic actuator

Pressurized air control (PAC) actuator II does not require system upgrades or special engine modifications for use in lawn and garden tools.

Features & benefits

  • 3¾ in. stroke pulls in 100 lb in 2 sec

  • Smooth engagement eliminates severe shock loads

  • Requires ½ A vs. 5 to 10 A in electric clutch

  • Single button engagement for ease of use, troubleshooting, and maintenance

Milwaukee, Wis.
(414) 267-4000
www.noram-clutch.comCircle 152

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