Machine Design

Pneumatic Transducers For Explosive Atmospheres

The Type-550X miniature electropneumatic I/P, E/P transducer complies with ATEX directives 94/9/EC for equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Type-550X electronic pressure regulator converts a variable current or voltage signal to a proportional pneumatic output. Features of the compact unit include a NEMA-4X housing; input and output ports on both front and back; high flow capacity delivers quick actuation of dampers, louvers, valves, and cylinders; and removable external orifice. A built-in volume boost provides up to 20-scfm airflow capacity for increased speed control. Unit specifications include: input signal of 4 to 20 mA; output pressure for the standard range includes 3 to 15 psig, 3 to 27 psig, 6 to 30 psig, 2 to 60 psig, and 3 to 120 psig; output pressure for the zero-based range includes 0 to 30 psig, 0 to 60 psig, and 0 to 120 psig; and supply pressures up to 100 psig (standard range) and 130 psig (zero-based range).

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