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Polycarbonate Glazing Beats The Heat

Hard-coated, Lexan Margard MR5 IR sheets absorb 780 to 1,400-nm infrared (IR) radiation in vehicle glazing applications.

The polycarbonate material absorbs IR heat from sunlight that strikes the windows of buses, trains, and other public transport and specialty vehicles, yet transmits plenty of light into the vehicle cab. This reduces heat buildup and can help cut air-conditioning costs on hot and sunny days. It also insulates to retain heat and lower fuel costs on cold or cloudy days. The PC sheets are about half the weight of comparative glass products and are for flat glazing applications that require high abrasion and impact resistance, and good weatherability. The sheets come in two tint options and carry a 10-yr limited warranty against breakage.

GE Advanced Materials, One Plastics Ave., Pittsfield, MA 01201, (413) 448-5800,

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