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Machine Design

Portable CMM accurate to 0.004 in.

MicroScribe MX portable-measurement system is for measuring, inspecting, and reverse engineering.

The portable MicroScribe MX system weighs only 8.5 lb. A carrying case is optional.

Its measuring accuracy is up to 0.004 in. and can be ordered with either five or six degrees of freedom and either a 25 or 33-in. reach. The system works with widely used applications for metrology, reverse engineering, and 3D design. The system fills the gap between the MicroScribe G2 and high-end articulatedarm CMMs. MX features an easy-to-use, counterbalanced, articulated arm. The system comes with a ruby ball stylus. Users can use and calibrate their own measurement tips, or choose from a variety of tips for precise positioning.

Immersion Corp., 801 Fox Lane, San Jose, CA 95131, (408) 350-8701,

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