Machine Design

Position Encoders

The Qube 2.25-in. Series RS encoder is designed for use in measuring and cut-to-length operations for the textile, metal, lumber, and rubber industries.

The device features an IP54/NEMA-12 enclosure and is used for tracking, storage and retrieval, pick-and-place, conveying, and elevating for material-handling applications.

The Series RH wheeled encoder, known as a Pulse Position Indicator (PPI), generates tracking pulses for web applications when used with bar-code laser scanners or CCD vision systems. The unit is equipped with 12-in. or 30-cm-circumference measuring wheels that ride directly on the web or conveyor belt to eliminate slippage. The encoder is self-aligning when allowed to pivot freely from its integral arm.

Koyo Encoder Inc., 2200 N. Stonington Ave., Suite 240, Hoffman Estates, IL 60195, (800) 903-9093,

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